Life is so precious and everything we go through or do leaves us better or worse. Suffering is part of our life and until we embrace it we will never seize being devastated and frustrated. Most of the people who wallow in it end up adapting to miserable lives which we all can avoid. I do agree with the first noble truth; it is not settled that we should suffer all our lives. I believe suffering is a choice and it takes perseverance and patience to adapt from suffering. Additionally, Craving may institute suffering at some point. When we crave for anything, and we do not have the ability and strength to acquire it we up suffering psychologically.

Nonetheless, our minds are the substance of our daily suffering. It should be clear that to come out of the shackles of suffering we have to control our minds and also live a fulfilling life.  Moreover, if we have the capability to work hard to meet our needs, we will for sure freeing ourselves from suffering. The theory of reincarnation is based on the fact that some memories and characteristics of our past are transferred or moved to those who we are close to. Apparently, this may sound right but it is a myth that most of the people in the world believe in. Our parent does not have the same temperaments as do. In that light, I do support that the theory should not be taken seriously since it does not lay enough evidence.

The proverb “like father, like son,” always lives unanswered questions. Most of us think that the characters, behavior, and morals we possess are embedded in our parents which are a Myth. Everyone is different and their perspective about life also differs. Sometimes perseverance and patience does pay and further strengthens the victim. If the victim ends up in the same situation again he or she ends up handling it with minimal struggle. Moreover, there is no success without struggle. In that light, we should plan and prepare for activates we undertake which will, in turn, affect our success positively. Ignorance should be avoided at all cost since it brings much suffering.