In one video, Thomas makes an argument that the new life stage is likely to evolve out of the increasing number of baby boomers in the ranks so that the human cycle is defined as childhood, adulthood, and elderhood. Thomas believes that the obsession with adulthood is misplaced and that the elders are disappeared into the retirement communities since they do not fit the mode of existence that has been defined by the rest of the populace. Relocation is foisted upon the seniors since they are perceived as having nothing new to contribute to the society. The impact of the baby boomers in the society is unclear. The influence that they will have in their old ages is uncertain because there will be an influx of retiring individuals seeking benefits in large scales for a lengthy time. As the baby boomers get older and attain the retirement age, they will present an increasing challenge and opportunities for healthcare. The upsurge of the elderly patients from this generation together with the loss of boomer-age providers will further pressure the health care system.

Most of the senior citizens are in good mental health. The issues of depression and alcoholism can be reversed with treatment. Some of the conditions such as the Alzheimer’s disease are irreversible. The elderly persons are perceived to be unproductive and that they consume goods and services to a less degree than the other members of the society. The doctor suggests that the baby boomers are likely to redefine aging in a similar manner and to the same extent which they redefined adolescence and the youthful rebellion. In both contexts, there is the depiction that elderhood real, rich, deep, and meaningful and it is potentially contributory to the society. Thomas states that aging is good and that the ultimate mortality is the cornerstones of humanity.