A person showing self-love, the first step to start practicing empathy

Empathy In The Workplace Has Never Been More Important

The stress brought in by the pandemic has certainly impacted everyone’s well-being. And today, as we start feeling the hope of things finally returning back to normal, the Delta variant has come to crush our optimism. This leaves people with the question: When is the pandemic going to end?

Remote working conditions have erased the boundaries between work and life. Working from home often involves parents working while taking care of the kids. People’s notions of work and life have never been so universally integrated.

According to The Washington Post, 33% of workers today would leave their jobs if they received an offer from a more empathetic and compassionate company. Practicing empathy in the workplace matters. It’s not only good for employees. It’s also a great business strategy to empower and retain top talent.

A trusting team, the benefits of practicing empathy in the workplace

Empathetic teams perform better than those that don’t trust each other.