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5 Best Universities for Computer Science in Europe

If you are thinking of landing a job in the field of tech, then computer science is just the thing for you. Everything about computers, programs, and software is necessary for this day and age.

On the other hand, computer science is a field that intrigues international students. Europe is an accumulation of businesses, banks, and firms. It sets the perfect background for students to explore opportunities in making a name amid international tech companies.

Europe’s an intellectual powerhouse with a high standard of living. Universities based in Europe serve as the blueprint for other universities. The busy districts and headquarters of multiple tech giants entice students to take computer science in one of the most student-friendly countries now. Below we set up a list of the 5 best universities to study computer science in Europe. Check them out!

Are they hard to get into?

This is not an easy question to answer. Given that the admission criteria differ from university to university, some are harder to get into than others. It goes without saying that if the university receives an important number of applications but has limited spaces, the acceptance rate will be significantly lower.

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

With many notable alumni up to date, the University of Cambridge has operated since 1209 and it is known for being one of the long-lasting universities worldwide. It is composed of 31 colleges, which are self-governing institutions, with 150 academic departments, and faculties, all divided into six schools. As of 2015, the acceptance rate of Cambridge was 21% and it is still considered one of the hardest universities to get into. According to CWUR 2019-2020, Cambridge is the best university in the UK and the fourth in the world. In the QS World University Ranking by Subject, Cambridge ranks in the top 3 for Arts & Humanities, Engineering & Technology, and Life Sciences & Medicine.

Imperial College London

Best public universities europe

In 2007, Imperial College London gained its independence from the University of London after 100 years. The university counts roughly 20,000 students and more than half of its student body is international. Imperial is composed of four faculties, including a business school. In 2015, the acceptance rate of Imperial was 14,3%. In the QS World University rankings 2020, Imperial appears as number 9. However, their Faculty of Engineering ranks number 7.

Sorbonne University

Among the top 100 universities worldwide, Sorbonne University is a public research institution headquartered in Paris that counts more than 42,000 students. It is referred to as one of the top 3 universities in France. It is organized into the Sorbonne College and the Doctoral College. Sorbonne has strong international partners, including the University of Toronto and King’s College London.

École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique Paris - campus

This public institution in the suburbs of Paris is considered to be one of the most respected French universities. École Polytechnique, also referred to as X, is 2nd in the Times Higher Education Small University Rankings and 61st in the QS World University Rankings 2021. It is considered a small university as it counts only around 3300 students, the majority of those at the postgraduate level. In fact, it offers only one English-taught Bachelor degree in Maths with the possibility to get a double major and choose between Physics, Economics, and Computer Science.

Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich – TUM - campus

Established in 1868, TUM now has 5 campuses in Germany and one in Singapore. With more than 42000 students, 12000 are foreigners. TUM has a strong focus on research and is organized into 15 academic departments, 5 of which are schools. It is the 50th best university in the QS World University Ranking 2021.

Heidelberg University

Best public universities in europe

Founded in 1386, this is the oldest public university in Germany and the third that opened its doors during the Holy Roman Empire. It counts nearly 29,000 students, 20% of whom are foreigners. It is composed of 12 faculties and it offers bachelors, masters and PhD programmes. The majority of programmes are offered in German, however, some are offered in English and even French. Heidelberg University appears 3rd in Germany and 44th in the world in The Times Higher Education Ranking 2020.

Radboud University

Radboud University

Established in 1923, Radboud is a public research university affiliated with the Roman Catholic church. It is constantly ranked among the best 150 universities in the world by four major rankings, including CWUR and SARWU. Nearly 23,000 students are enrolled at Radboud University, which counts also nearly 3,000 staff members. Nine of the 46 undergraduate degrees are offered in English. Additionally, it offers 75 postgraduate degrees, half of which are English-taught.