The body of an essay comes between the introduction and the conclusion. It explains, describes, or even given an argument concerning your thesis statements. It comprises of several paragraphs. A good body paragraph should have a clear topic sentence. It should also give supporting details or even supporting evidence to your thesis. It should give relevant examples, and there should be a good flow between the sentences and the paragraph. The last sentence in the body should tie back the evidence to the main point. To achieve this, you should have a good body structure. Check the structure below.

Analyze the Test

A good body must provide supporting evidence. Unless you analyze the test thoroughly, it will be tricky to get some evidence. For proper analysis, you can tabulate your text and develop your critical interpretation. 

Choose the Evidence

After analyzing your text thoroughly, you need to choose the evidence that supports your argument or idea. In the list of quotations, you need to choose a few that best suits your arguments. 

Order of Your Paragraph

A good flow is vital when writing your body paragraph. The sequential order of the events in the book you are reading can help you logically organize your paragraph structure. Alternatively, you can use a thematic approach that helps to develop a theme.

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Introduce Your First Example

The topic sentence and the example should interconnect flawlessly. In the first paragraph, the topic sentence covers what you promised the reader in the introduction. Introduce your main topic after that. The sentences that follow should develop your topic. To support the topic sentence, give relevant examples and evidence. Include quotations, and do not forget to give references. The last sentence of your paragraph should lead the reader to the second paragraph.

There should be a useful link between the first and the third paragraph in your second paragraph. It should argue the main information and the supporting details. The same case applies to the other paragraphs. 

Explain the Technique

After including the example, you need to introduce and explain how it develops your theme. Come up with a rough sequence. Start by introducing the example, name the technique, and its effects. 

Connect the Example to Your Thesis

You cannot just give an example and leave it that way. It will remain irrelevant until you explain how the example connects to your main topic. It is an important part that you should not ignore. 

 Introduce and Discuss the Next Paragraph

At this point, you require introducing the next example and discussing it. That will ensure that there is a good flow from one paragraph to the second one. Just like the first paragraph, when you get to the second paragraph, you should do the same. 

Write a Conclusion Sentence

When writing the essay, you require giving a summary of the main point in the conclusion. Do not introduce new evidence. The same applies to your conclusion sentence. It summarizes the paragraph and connects it to your thesis. 


The body’s work is to provide enough evidence to back up your claim in the thesis statement. A good body paragraph should have the main topic. The following sentence should develop the topic. They should have supporting evidence and the connection to your main topic. You should explain the next example and summarize your paragraph in the last sentence.